Which one is better when it comes to photo
and video editing?

you consider getting serious about photography and/or videography, you probably
would end up finding your feet on what type of computer you should buy or use
that has the best performance when it comes to photo and video editing. It is a
predicament that has always been there and in fact, I have been seeing reviews
and opinions left and right between using a MacBook Pro or a PC. In lieu of
this, allow me to share my humble opinion about this dilemma through this blog
post and hopefully you can get something out of it.

applications such as adobe Lightroom and photoshop typically use more CPU and
memory than the used graphics card power. Graphic card or GPU is good for
gaming, video editing and rendering 3D, but if the application that you spend
most of your time in does not use much GPU then there is no necessity to have
that certain type of computer that has the super powerful GPU.

as far as the photo editing and using adobe Lightroom are concerned, you must
consider looking at the power that your processor has, the ram and the hard
drive -all three of those things kind of worked together to provide performance
to you. Further, when you are rendering out or exporting photos out of
Lightroom, it is not really using your graphics card, it is using the
performance that your computer has. So, when you are using Lightroom in editing
huge number or volume of photos, the MAC wins. The reason is that sometimes you
will experience lag causes when using the PC and it would be a little time
consuming especially when you import and export photos and convert them to DNG
automatically. The Mac is just more fluid, especially if you use lots of
gradients and radial filters. When it comes to performance boost, it is on the
MAC. On the other hand, with the PC, you have to build something that will work
regardless of the architecture of your OS which may play into the fact that on
the PC, the performance was not that fast in exporting photos which means there
are chances of experiencing lag issues throughout the entire process due to the
large images being imported or edited. However, when it comes to exporting
such, the MAC seems to be a little bit faster.

has fewer issues than a PC. MAC is more durable, fewer malware attacks and has
less tech support. By contrast, unlike PC, MAC is more expensive, has fewer
options and not upgradeable which consequently implies what you buy is what you
get. Also, the new MacBook Pros have been lambasted for their lack of ports.
The dongle life is not that preferable. In fact, from the moment the new
MacBook Pros with their lack of ports came out, many photographers have been
reconsidering about switching to PC for their mobile editing needs.

PC user doesn’t have to switch to a Mac in order to have a good experience
editing photos.  I think it makes a lot
of sense for a photographer to stick with what they know.  But when it comes to in video editing,  the PC is still the winner by far. It has the
full force power which you can even buy, use and install the latest processors,
graphics card and all the latest technology giving you most powerful you can
get in video editing since the benefits include but not limited to faster video
editing, exporting, rendering and overall smooth performance while you are
editing. Aside from that, the PC can still be upgraded these days such as the
RAMs, SSDs and in some cases, you can upgrade other components as well. Then on
the desktop side, you can even build your own full custom system. Having that
said, if you are concern on the life span of your system and an upgrade path,
then may want to consider the PC side. Thus, the clear winner of video editing
is the PC/laptop.

all things considered, I think it all comes down to personal preference since
neither of the two has a big advantage over the other. What reckons the most is
the comfortability. If you are comfortable and competent using PC when editing
both pictures and videos then continue using PC. further, if you are used in
using MAC, then so be it. Or if you are like me who prefers using MAC for photo
editing and PC for video editing, it’s normal. The best fruit of our labor is
reaped out of the mastery and skill of the effort we put in.

the PC and MAC, which of the two is you’re most comfortable using when it comes
to photo editing? How about in video editing? How was your experience?

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